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When tragedy strikes any Family, one never knows how it truly takes its toll on others, regardless of where your travels take you.

Such was the case on Saturday, April 20 when Brendan Wilson and Austin Kingsborough were involved in a canoe accident on Nicola Lake (near Merritt BC) and both played for the Langley Minor Ball Hockey Association.

The pair had been camping at a family property at the north end of Nicola Lake, but were reported missing after they failed to return for dinner Sunday.

Austin Kingsborough (17) and Brendan Wilson (one day shy of his 18th birthday) were well like and admired by everyone that met them. In addition to Ball Hockey both played for the Langley Minor Hockey Association.

Both players were not only admired but displayed a sincere dedication of what sportsmanship is and should be about.

While sport was a huge part of their lives, they showed sincerity toward their Family and simply loved life. A love and devotion that was unsurpassed in all areas. They not only showed respect, they admired those who also displayed it towards everyone.

The RCMP dive team did everything they could to recover the two bodies and once they had concluded their investigation a specialized team was involved from Idaho offered to help out with the search.

The search by the RCMP was clearly hampered by poor visibility and debris in the lake. Players and Coaches in various areas of the lower mainland held a moment of silence for both young men at a recent game, and it’s fair to say the emotions ran extremely sombre.

Rest in Peace and our thoughts go out to the Families of Austin and Brendan.

The bodies have since been recovered by the rescue searchers.

A Facebook page has been created in memory of the boys, it can be found on Facebook as “Prayfortheboys”.

Once on this page, you will see several events are being added to help raise funds for the families.

The poster is one designed by players from Ridge Meadows

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