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In order to join the NBHAC, leagues must follow these minimum requirements:

  • Have appropriate equipment mandatory such as CSA approved helmets and hockey gloves, at all ages and levels.
  • full facial protection for youth programs under 18 years of age and women's programs
  • use the official NBHAC ball
  • follow NBHAC rules and regulations
  • register 100% of its players, coaches, referees and executives with the NBHAC
  • pay required registration fees by the appropriate deadline

Please click here for the league application form.

If you wish to start a new league in a community that does not have a NBHAC registered program, please complete the league application form and the NBHAC will send you an information package on how to run a successful program.


To compete in NBHAC provincial, regional or national events, your team must play in a league that is officially registered with the NBHAC. If it is not, speak to your league organizer about joining, or assemble the teams in your league to discuss it. The NBHAC will gladly assist you in supplying all necessary information.


To be eligible to play in NBHAC sanctioned tournaments, provincial, regional or national events, or perhaps even one day try out for Team Canada, you must be officially registered with a team/league that is a member of the NBHAC. If your league is not a member, please see the information on How to Join for Leagues & Teams. Players suspended from a member league may not play in any other NBHAC sanctioned league or event until their suspension has been completed and any outstanding fines paid