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The National Ball Hockey Association of Canada (NBHAC) has brought Canada’s beloved game to now offer the most comprehensive program in Canada. The NBHAC is a registered non-profit organization. 

The NBHAC provides the following administrative services: 

* Office Services 

* Annual General Meeting and Awards Reception 

* Organize Mens, Womens & Minor National Championships 

* Organize Eastern Regional Championships for Men and Women at the B & C level 

* Junior Nationals for players under 15, 17 & 19 years of age 

* Assist new leagues with start up kits 

* Print and distribute rulebooks for members 

* Promote the sport of ball hockey across the country 

* Set bylaws and regulations for members as a guideline 

* Arrange insurance program at cost which includes general liability and medical/dental accident insurance 

* Provide a National certification program for officials 

* Provide a National registration program for its members 

* Distribute coaching materials