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The National Ball Hockey Association of Canada is not-for-profit and is the official national governing body for ball hockey programs and organizations across Canada that are dedicated to the development of the sport from the grass roots level to the elite at its apex of competition.

The NBHAC was founded on principles of unwavering integrity, accountability, fairness and the equality of its members, as well as a commitment to the growth of the sport and the individuals who play it, from the very youngest to its oldest, whether indoor or outdoor.

The NBHAC guarantees the rights of minors in the sport to be represented by their own administrators, establishing complete control of their finances, development and programs.  Equally, adult members shall control the matters that pertain to their domain, both men and women.

The NBHAC will host a series of annual and bi-annual events that will provide its members with inter-provincial and international competitions of the highest quality and greatest variety, including:

  • Youth championships:
  • National male, multiple age groups
  • National female, U-17
  • North American Youth Championships for males, females, both able-bodied and the disabled
  • Maple Leaf Cup international, various male and female age groups

 Adult indoor championships:

  • National-“A”, male and female
  • Canada Cup international “A”, male and female
  • North American Championships for “B”, “C” and Masters for male and female

Adult outdoor championships:

  • National-“A” male and female
  • International tournament series, various male and female categories
  • North American Championships for “B”, “C” and Masters for male and female

 The NBHAC will ensure the principles remain paramount.  Registration and recruitment of leagues from provinces will be provided periodically on the NBHAC’s website.

 The NBHAC offers services such as an insurance program, Rulebook/Casebooks, Officiating Program, Learn To Play program and modules, Coaching videos and lesson plans, Youth Development, Web Site maintenance, online registration and stats system for all member leagues on the newest version of

The Canada Cup of Ball Hockey, the Nationals (Junior and Senior) and Regionals will see teams participate from the previous years qualification, as well as the North American Championships.  The events will be open to both male and female representatives at all levels including Junior Nationals for girls.

The following youth divisions and age groups will be offered at Junior Nationals:

Males:  Peewee (U-15), Bantam (U-17) and Junior (U-19)

Females:   Bantam (U-17 & younger)

Along with these events, the National Ball Hockey Association in partnership with the ITDA will host the North American Youth Ball Hockey Championships and Maple Leaf Cup for all youth players in the following divisions:

Tyke (U-9), Novice (U-11) and Atom (U13)

Peewee (U-15), Bantam (U-17) and Junior (U-19)

Girls U-13, Girls U-15, Girls U-17

Players will be eligible to be scouted for Team Canada with in the NBHAC and World Ball Hockey Federation.