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All players must wear a CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved helmet, ice hockey gloves and running shoes. Women and players under the age of 18 are required to wear full facial protection as well. 

Although not mandatory, it is recommended that players wear elbow pads, athletic cup, soft knee pads and shin guards. As well, adult men should consider wearing facial protection to protect their eyes. Standard ice hockey sticks are used to play the game. 

There are two types of balls are officially recognized for play by the NBHAC. It is usually orange in appearance and not much larger than a tennis ball. A hard (Pro) Version is recommended for adult warm climate play. The soft (recreation) version is recommended for younger youth age groups and all winter play. NBHAC member leagues must use either version manufactured by the official suppliers. 

A new line of ball hockey equipment is being designed in cooperation with the NBHAC and is expected to be launched, including a more flexible glove, padded shorts and shin pads.