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TORONTO – December 15 –The National Ball Hockey Association of Canada (NBHAC) in conjunction with the High Performance Committee is pleased to announce the roster for the Women’s Team Canada that will attempt to retain the gold they won in 2013.   The 2015 World Ball Hockey Federation (WBHF) Championships will be hosted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in May 24-31, 2015. 

For the 17 players named today, eleven are returning from the World Champion­ship team in 2013.  These players with international experience know what it takes to play and compete at this level and there is a good blend of veterans and mix of youth and again the team was selected , not just on high calibre skills, but for their personalities and community backgrounds as well.

High Performance Director, Steve Dockerty, who was heavily responsible for the restructuring which took place in the international program stated, “with the composition of this team the staff is not only looking to 2013, but beyond with the young players who will be our leaders of tomorrow.  We want players that will be part of the Team Canada family for years to come.’  The High Performance Program has been established to create continuity consisting of strong individuals across the country with involvement in the various national teams at the adult levels.

Dockerty continued about the coaching staff, Mario Facciuolo has won at every level of competition and moves up from the assistant coach position and we have brought in Irene Kiratzis who played for the program in 2013.   Both bring in a winning attitude at the Provincial, National and International level of play and have the experience and technical backgrounds to prepare this team.

Commenting on the goal of the 2015 teams Dockerty adds, “we have a Mission Statement - To prepare and assemble a team of ball hockey players from Canada to compete for gold at the WBHC. To field a team that sets extraor­dinary standards for competitiveness, sportsmanship and team continuity. To create a ‘life experience’ for members of WTC and officials.” Dockerty added, “that truly is our goal, to compete for gold, but also to set exceptional standards for the players and team officials.

Steve Rumsey NBHAC President who has been a part of ball hockey for over thirty years and attended the 2013 World Championship event as a fan said, ‘Ball Hockey is an amazing sport and the ultimate goal is to ensure each player has a life experience, memories and lifelong friends.’ 

“It is not only what will take place on the floor for these women, as most have played for Canada and have become a family” said Rumsey.

The association’s President, Steve Rumsey, was pleased with the scouting, selec­tion and acceptance of the players chosen for the club.

“On behalf of the National Ball Hockey Association of Canada, I would like to congratu­late the players and staff named today, along with their provincial associations, leagues, club teams, families, coaches and officials who have helped them along the way,” said Steve Rumsey, NBHAC President. With that said, it is with great pride that we present you the 2015 Women’s Team Canada players:

Goalies: Danielle Bailey & Laura Guiducci ~ Defense:  Tara French, Natasha King, Shannonn MacArthur, Annette Tonogai ~ Forwards: Gwynn Attenborough, Ashley Carney, Robyn Cordes, Samantha Curk, Annie Del Guidice, Natasha Fryer, Gabrielle Kosziwkai, Cassandra Langan, Melissa Miller, Vi Theofylatos, Lindsay Vine

The last three player selections as well as the balance of staff positions will be posted no later than January 15, 2015.

Your Passion…Your Dedication…Play Like A Champion…Play Like Team Canada…Commit To The Culture of Excellence….We Are Canada

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