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Thursday, 04 June 2020 20:42

Team Canada Reveals Their Alternate Logo Featured

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A team's logo and colors must have a positive effect on its players and fans to always feel like winners when decked out in logos and symbols that scream, "This is OUR team."

Is there a logo in ball hockey that is more representative of a team than the CANADA leaf that is the NBHAC Team Canada program, it’s classic and timeless in the red and white.   OUR Leaf is iconic, not only in that it easily identifies the most popular nation in the sport, but also because of the significance of the maple leaf in the country.

The alternate logo is a take on The Ohio State University, but unequivocally our take on OUR team and OUR history and part of OUR identity.

The alternate logo is classic in design and brilliant in its simplicity. The “C” represents the members and alumni of the MTC, WTC and JTC and is bright and distinctive. Perfect in its simplicity, the C represents CANADA and the nine leafs represent our National teams. The bottom five leafs represent the JUNIOR program and U14, U16, U18, U20 and Girls U20 teams and will be the future of the program as they look up to the adult program in the top leafs.  The top four leafs represent the Men's (Open & Masters) and Women's (Open & Masters) teams.   The grey represents the borders of the nation and the BALL HOCKEY across the logo represents as the anthem states, ‘From far and wide, O Canada we stand on guard for thee’.

The CANADA leaf and the new “C” will continue to be instantly recognized and distinctively CANADA BALL HOCKEY representing the National Ball Hockey Association of Canada.

With Glowing Hearts We See Thee Rise

#LetsGo #WeReady #WeAreTeamCanada #BeTheStandard

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