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Tuesday, 27 November 2018 22:02

Men's Team Canada Goalie Makes Quite A Bet Featured

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Hockey loving couple makes fantastic bet over outcome of Leafs, Bruins game

Some people become sports fans based on their geographical location, while others latch onto certain players or characteristics about a team, including players, logos or team history.

But for some individuals, the fandom can be started based on the team their parents cheered for. You probably know someone that was born in a certain province or state, but chose to go against the consensus because their father or mother grew up a fan of a different club.

Prior to puck drop between the Leafs and Bruins on Monday night, Paul Zernett , who cheers for the Leafs, and his wife Leah, a Bruins fan, raised the stakes with quite the bet regarding what team their newborn son will one day cheer for.

Okay, that's very, very good.

But what happens when the young boy reaches an age where he no longer wants to be "brainwashed" and decides to cheer for a team like, say, the Montreal Canadiens or Ottawa Senators? It might take some time, but boy, wouldn't that be interesting. 

What we know is the Junior Team Canada program will have a prospect in 16 years


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