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The World Ball Hockey Federation handed out its hardware at the conclusion of the 2014 Junior World Championships and award winners are listed below:


U18 All-stars:

Goalie - Michele Masucci (CAN)
Defence - Michal Stenchlak (SVK) & Derrick Wong (CAN)
Forwards - Benoit Chin (CAN), Miroslav Miko (SVK) & Istvan Szucs (HUN)

Most valuable goalie - Ruan Badenhorst (CAN)
Most valuable defenceman - Michal Stenchlak (SVK)
Most valuable forward - Christian Petrozza (CAN)

Top scorer-Benoit Chin (CAN) 4G 12A
Tournament MVP-Jack Scanlon (CAN)


U20 All-stars:

Goalie - Matthew Hall (CAN)
Defence - Aadil Kadva (IND) & Hayden Cole (CAN)
Forwards - Keith Barnaby (USA), Andrej Bencat (SVK) & Martin Sagi (HUN)

Most valuable goalie - Tyler Crawford (USA)
Most valuable defence - Hayden Cole (CAN)
Most valuable forward - Keith Barnaby (USA)

Top Scorer - JR Lapointe (USA) 11G 5A
Tournament MVP - Justin Maiolino (CAN)

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2014 was the year that would see minor ball hockey change throughout the world. The World Ball Hockey Federation (WBHF) announced that they would host the U20 and U18 championships in Budapest, Hungary.

With past experience at the international level of play the National Ball Hockey Association of Canada would see its Junior Team Canada (JTC) spearheaded by Stephen Dockerty took on the position as High Performance Director, a decision that would see the start of an exciting new program that younger age ball hockey players could experience many years.

Dockerty’s first step was to work with Steve Rumsey, President to appoint the staffs to oversee the teams. In the fall of 2013, the processed began with the naming of the two General Managers, Mauro Cugini (U20) and Scott Jacobi (U18) who have both been with the sport for over ten years. From this point on the rest of the staff was selected and put in place, rounding out the U20 staff would see the announcement of Barry Greer as Head Coach, Matthew Paul and Harvey Boutilier as Assistant Coaches and the U18 staff would add Chris Carr and Tyler McClure as assistants to Jacobi’s staff who doubled as the Head Coach. To round out the staff the teams added Dr. Andi Jones, Amanda Spence (Registered Massage Therapist), Kevin Bailie (Goalie Consultant) and Boutilier doubled as Equipment Manager/Trainer for both teams.

As the players gathered to depart from Toronto for a training camp, everyone new this was the start of a strong program that would change the lives of many Canadian youths for future years.

The team arrived would arrive in Rome the next day and later to Bologna to spend the night. The next day was spent in Villach, Austria for more team building en route to the final destination and host for the week, Budapest, Hungary.

Along with the long flights and bus ride and some of the trip overseas was gruelling with practice in day three. The weather was a battle in Budapest as well. There was a heat wave that ran through the area, and we were right in the middle of it for pre tournament practices and camp.

Traveling from Canada was one thing, but being with both Canadian teams was a wonderful experience and all of the group could quickly see how different this part of Europe was to the rest of the world.

Arriving in Budapest, the main square where the team would spend much of their down time as the team was ten minutes away from stores, restaurants and shopping malls and the arena was about a 15 minute drive from the hotel.

This was a wonderful backdrop to the tournament, but all the players and staff were aware that their main focus was to win gold!

These players were selected based on their ability, speed, sportsmanship, and discipline. We sat down with players and emphasized the need to be good ambassadors for the National Ball Hockey Association of Canada (NBHAC) and Canada, the willingness to be a good team mate and accept whatever role the coaches asked them to fill and finally to embrace the opportunity to travel to a different county.

The day was Thursday, June 26 and would never be forgotten by these young ball hockey players took to the floor. This was a day they reflect on where they were from, the years they played ball hockey, the first time they shot an orange ball at a net – this was the day wearing the red & white felt so much more to them.

When Team Canada arrived in Budapest on June 23, most of the players were awestruck. It seemed surreal, this was the game they had played in most of their lives in their driveways, streets with parents, siblings and friends, but this was the world stage and the team were the favorites as defending champions.

These teams had prepared for minicamp and preparation so there was a comfort level and similar atmosphere with high tempo practices and scrimmages. It was those practices that set the stage for the World Championships.

So on Sunday, June 29 after completing the round robin portion of the tournaments undefeated the teams knew they still had that one goal to achieve which was to win gold.

It would be hard to imagine for Team Canada to play a more flawless game than it did against Slovakia (U18) and United States of America (U20), but Canada proved to be much quicker and more opportunistic Canadians.

It was going to be small things that determined the outcome of this championship games. Who controlled the tempo? who would be more disciplined? who would capitalize on opportunities? who would get that big save? There wasn't much separating the two teams but those small, little details that would be the difference.

Team Canada's offense was well chronicled throughout the tournament getting balanced scoring from all of the forwards which was complemented well with a group of athletic ball moving defensemen and the backbone of every championship team would be solid goaltending. This team seemed to be able to play any style of game, but it was ball possession and team defence which propelled the team to the 2014 World Ball Hockey Federation Championship with a convincing 11-2 (U18) and 6-0 (U20) victories.

It was a moment that was a long time coming for this group of hard working Canadians. The biggest thing this year was the hard work and our hunger to win. These were teams where everything resolved around teamwork and everyone came together, and that's why it happened.

Moments after the conclusion of the game this tight-knit dressing room that seemingly spent every minute of the day together realized they had just accomplished their goal.

Shortly after the final horn had sounded, the teams came together for the closing ceremonies and team captains were presented our 'holy grail' and this will be a moment in time not soon forgotten by the team. The tournament and championship will be frozen in time, but the memories and friendships they have made will last a lifetime.

After the celebration on the floor the team exchanged jerseys, tracksuits, and other souvenirs before departing for Rome and what was to be quite the bus ride and day of celebration of this tremendous effort.

To the boys, their families, friends and to all of our supporters, we thank you. 



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The Junior Team Canada’s goal is to have a program that not only produces elite ball hockey players but also creates a culture that clearly defines what it means to play for a Team Canada.

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TORONTO – October 12 – On behalf of the National Ball Hockey Association of Canada and the High Performance Committee we are proud to announce the 2014 Junior Team Canada rosters for the World Junior Championships to be held in Budapest, Hungary in late June 2014. At the past three major international competitions Canada has captured seven gold medals, one bronze and one silver since 2008.

The Junior Team Canada Program will be sending 66 players along with staff members to Budapest, Hungary to capture the gold in all three divisions of play.

The Junior Team Canada staff was very busy in 2013 scouting various events. Thorough scouting of the Provincial Peewee, Bantam and Junior Championships, National Tier II & III, Canada Cup and Junior Nationals led to the selections of all three teams. For the 22 player team rosters, fifteen (U20 – 7 & U18 - 8) are returning from the 2012 U-16 & U-18 World Champion¬ship teams. These players with international experience will be a good foundation in preparing for this high level tournament. All three player rosters were selected, not just on high calibre skills, but for their personalities and community backgrounds as well.

High Performance Director, Steve Dockerty, who was heavily responsible for the restructuring which took place in the international program stated, “our squads will definitely be competing for the gold again. Even though our members were a part of the teams that won double gold in 2012 (U18 & U20), the NBHAC has been working hard to improve the program. We want players that will be part of the Team Canada family for years to come. The High Performance Program has been established to create continuity consisting of strong individuals across the country with involvement in the various national teams at the adult levels.

Dockerty continued about the coaching staff, we have such a strong group of coaches, with Barry Greer, Harvey Boutilier, Matt Paul coaching U20; and Scott Jacobi, Jason Mallais, Tyler Mc Clure coaching U18 and Chris Carr, Nelson Lajeunesse and James Mentis coaching U16 as head coaches of their respective teams all have international experience as coaches and players and all have strong technical backgrounds who will lead these young men.
In addition to these coaches, the program strives to set a standard to bring back and integrate alumni as mentors and return Matthew Paul to the U20 team who will also be an assistant coach, Marc Parravano to the U18 squad and Denver Greer to the U16 and these three will be an extension of the coaching staff.

Commenting on the goal of the 2014 teams Dockerty adds, “we have a Mission Statement - To prepare and assemble a team of junior ball hockey players from Canada to compete for gold at the WJC. To field a team that sets extraor¬dinary standards for competitiveness, sportsmanship and team continuity. To create a ‘life experience’ for members of JTC and officials.” Dockerty added, “that truly is our goal, to compete for gold, but also to set exceptional standards for the players and team officials. 
Ball Hockey is an amazing sport and these young men are truly fortunate to have the opportunity to compete with the best in the world and absorb the culture of Eastern European cities.” Dockerty concluded with “The ultimate goal is to ensure each player has a life experience that he can take with him for years to come.”

The association’s President, Steve Rumsey, was pleased with the scouting, selec¬tion and acceptance of the players chosen for the clubs. 
Rumsey has been a part of junior ball hockey for over thirty years and attended the 2008 and 2012 events as a fan. “It is not only what will take place on the floor for these young individuals, as most will be visit¬ing Hungary for the first time in their lives, it will be the culture they will encounter,” said Rumsey. “As these young men grow up and have families it won’t be the medals that they come home with that will be mostly remembered, it will be the experience of visiting this part of the world, and we as management, coaches and mentors want to make sure it truly is a trip of a lifetime for them” added Rumsey.

“Having spoken to all members of the coaching staffs throughout this process, I am confident that the work that they have put in will translate into a highly satisfying trip along with a good showing on the floor.” said Rumsey. “In the last three international competitions the staff thought out all the little things and planned accordingly because once you start traveling with 66 players plus staff in a short period of time through major European cities, it all has to run smoothly from start to finish in order for these players to produce on the floor.” added Rumsey.

People that tend to be missed in these types of announcements are the local coaches, associations and family members that have helped the players get to this level, along with these individuals all those that scouted for Junior Team Canada at regional and national events should take pride in this team, as they too played a big part in the team composition. 

“On behalf of the National Ball Hockey Association of Canada, I would like to congratu¬late the players and staff named today, along with their provincial associations, leagues, club teams, families, coaches and officials who have helped them along the way,” said Steve Rumsey, NBHAC President. With that said, it is with great pride that we present you the 2014 Junior Team Canada players & staff:

High Performance Director – Steve Dockerty; U20 Head Coach, Barry Greer, Assistant Coach, Harvey Boutilier, Assistant Coach/Mentor: Matthew Paul, U18 Head Coach: Barry Greer, Assistant Coaches: Tyler Mc Clure & Jason Mallais, Mentor: Marc Parravano; U16 Head Coach: Chris Carr, Assistant Coaches, Nelson Lajeunesse, James Mentis, Mentor: Denver Greer

The U16 Team ~ Goalies: Ruan Badenhorst, Thomas Mitchell ~ Defenseman: Ryan Barbosa, Riley Bonin, Theodore Christou, Kyle Coleman, Jared Elliott, Kyle Linney, Tyler Nother, Jack Sterritt ~ Forward: Mitch Byrnes, William Calverley, Zac Carr, Jordan Crocker, Braedan Dorion, Austin Labelle, Brodie Maracle, Brett Neumann, Ryan Sallows, Giovanni Smith, Andrew Snowden, Daniel Tsiampais.

The U18 Team ~ Goalies: Mike Masucci, Tyler Richardson ~ Defenseman: Maurizio Colella, Domenic Depalma, Danny Fillatre, Liam Hayes, Nick Heins, Gianluca Pallotta, Jacob Panetta, Bailey Watkins ~ Forwards: Stephen Alvo, Patrick Arangio, Benoit Chin, Noah Delmas, Ryan Franks, Christian Petrozza, Jack Scanlan, Lucas Smilsky, Quinn Syrydiuk, Max White, Conner Whiteside, Derrick Wong

The U20 Team ~ Goalies: Peter Angenent, Matthew Hall ~ Defensemen: Hayden Cole, Matt Depersiis, Hunter Fargey, Brendan Fetting, Graham Haley, Matthew Lemasure, John Ohara ~ Forwards: Brendan Alward, Eric Dol, Brandon Frandsen, Marcus Hinds, Cameron Nicoll, Justin Maiolino, Marcel Mallais, Tre Mentis, Jessey Moreau, Michael Paul, Zachary Skubnik, Gemel Smith, Myles York

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TORONTO – October 3, 2013 - On behalf of the National Ball Hockey Association of Canada (NBHAC) President, Steve Rumsey and the Junior Team Canada High Performance Director, Steve Dockerty, we are proud to announce the remaining staff for the 2014 Junior Team Canada attending the World Junior Championships to be held in June in Budapest, Hungary.

On behalf of the JTC Program of Excellence, we wish to congratulate the following individuals:

Junior Team Canada Goaltender Coach and Advance Scout:
Kevin Bailie

Junior U16 Team Canada
Head Coach: Chris Carr
Assistant Coach: Nelson Lajeunesse
Assistant Coach: James Mentis
Mentor: Denver Greer

Junior U18 Team Canada
Head Coach: Scott Jacobi
Assistant Coach: Tyler Mc Clure
Assistant Coach: Jason Mallais
Mentor: Marc Parravano

Junior U20 Team Canada
Head Coach: Barry Greer
Assistant Coach: Harvey Boutilier
Assistant Coach/Mentor: Matthew Paul

In the upcoming months, we will finalize the support staff joining Dr. Rene Vandenboom with naming of Team Doctors, Registered Massage Therapists and Equipment Managers.