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Ball or Dek Hockey has different variations of the sport in 4 + 1, 5 + 1 and the recently competed 4 +1 (4 on 4) version that is played throughout Europe, Asia and Canada (dek hockey). The 4 on 4 version is Europe and Asia is growing due to the ease of comprising rosters which generally consist of 12-16 players and the game is played on a smaller surface.

In Canada and specifically Quebec, the 4 on 4 version is played in numerous communities hosting leagues and tournaments. There is a passion for dek hockey in Quebec and Team Canada was lead by captain, Patric Ducharme and Simon LeBlanc, Coupe Burrows and General Manager, Daniel De Angelis, DDA Sports Marketing to comprise the team.

The World Ball Hockey Federation 4 x 4 Championships were hosted in Bratislava, Slovakia, the home to the Stastny Brothers, November 18 to 22 and Canada was recognized by everyone in attendance for their quality and execution of play and for his exemplary attitude for the sport and opposition.



The General Manager, Daniel De Angelis, took the challenge to put together a team which would have all the characteristics for a championship team. With the help of the leaders of the Burrows Cup, Patrick Ducharme and Simon Leblanc, they began the project last May, setting up the formation of the Canadian team made up of players from the dek hockey community.

They achieved their target goal. In addition to winning all eight games they drew the attention of other countries for their quality of execution and exemplary attitude.

"We are masters of our sport and caliber, but we did not know what to expect. But it was very nice, everyone stayed focused. We had many comment and Team Russia among others came to us to thank us for having taught them things, De Angelis commented yesterday after its 10-2 victory troops against the host club in the final.

"We build the team with key emphasis of teamwork, respect and strength."

Despite appearances, the opposition was raised their game. "The game was fast, the opposition was prepared. We had to work as a team to win and we were well supported, stated the MVP of the tournament, Steve Proulx. Many of us had never been to Europe and had to adapt. The victory will remain my fondest memory. "

"The Slovakian team was big, tall and strong but has played mostly five against five on the bug rink and the Russian team consisted mostly ice hockey players from the second and third divisions but they played with speed and power, "said De Angelis.

It was a difficult time as our team arrived following the terrorist attacks in Paris and we quickly noticed some changes.

"Security was tightened at the airport and saw the entire solidarity with the French. In Slovakia, there were flowers everywhere outside the embassy, "said De Angelis.

Yannick Labonte who scored a hat trick in the World Cup final commented, "here in Slovakia, tournaments are more festive and it has been welcomed. There would have been more than 35,000 viewings on the internet for our semi-final against the Czech Republic on Saturday, said the author of a round the final cap.”

The holding of this World Championship has been successful, its promoters could recur in 2016. It is quite possible that everything takes place in the Canada and in the Belle Province, a sign that the dek hockey is growing.

"Dek Hockey is a beautiful sport that is booming" said De Angelis.

Canada has won the inaugural World 4 x 4 Championship and with the vision of Patric Ducharme, Simon LeBlanc and Daniel De Angelis the sport will grow in Quebec and throughout Canada.





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